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Lecture Series  Winter 2014

March 11, 2014
Andrew Martindale (UBC)
Lecture: The Vulnerability of Archaeological Logic in Aboriginal Rights and Titles Cases in Canada: theoretical and empirical implications

~The history of archaeological evidence in Aboriginal rights and titles cases in Canada illustrates a
fundamental vulnerability between archaeological knowledge claims and its capacity to understand
history.~In recent post-Delgamuukw court cases, opponents of aboriginal rights and titles have
exploited this contradiction, successfully restricting archaeology’s role to refuting evidence from
indigenous oral records. If archaeology is to assert its capacity to reveal history within rights and
titles cases, it must address three issues that emerge from this legal legacy: 1) lingering intellectual
naïveté regarding interpretive links between material gestures and cultural identity, 2) a
fundamental ethnocentrism in our understanding of humanity that reflects contemporary
asymmetries of power, and 3) the effects of translation between archaeological and indigenous oral
records on archaeological claims of universal understanding of history.

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