The ASBC Nanaimo Branch is a non- profit organization located in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Founded in 1994, the Branch is dedicated to protecting, studying and conserving the archaeological record in British Columbia.

Source: BC Archives

The ASBC-NB seeks to conserve archaeological resources and recognizes the inextricable link between conservation of archaeological sites and public education. We work to provide opportunities for the public to get hands-on experience with archaeology and archaeological principles, as well as learn about heritage conservation.

As a Society consisting of interested citizens, students, and vocational archaeologists we provide lectures given by speakers from all over the province offering a wide range of topics.

December 1 2014

ASBC-NB Statement

 Following low voter turn-out at our Annual General Meeting this past June 2014, and the subsequent non-election of board members for the coming fiscal year, the decision has been made by members of the “acting board” to dissolve the Nanaimo Branch of the Archaeological Society of British Columbia, effective immediately. The process has begun, and is now in the hands of the ASBC-Vancouver, our parent organization. Once the process has been completed, we will inform our past members with a follow-up email.

Thank you for your patience.

Acting Board Members,
Lorrie Hayden, Mary Vassilopoulos, Laura Termes